A team of experts, dedicated to sailing, and at your service to offer the best.



ePoh's designer and CEO of Transsonique

Obsessed with surf culture, racing and innovative boats, he has worked for the America's Cup, Yves Parlier's kite boat concept, and gives lectures on the performance analysis of sailing yachts. Likes to make intuition possible with the help of powerful analysis.


Production manager

A great racer, he is now preparing a mini transat. Rigging expert, he's the one to thank when you will see arriving your beauty.


Helps fitting and assembling the ePohs

A crazy sailor, always ready to set the kite up when it's blowing 35kts !

Claire Marine

Communication trainee

Knows more about horse riding than sailing, she completes our vision and makes sure things are done well.

Based in Concarneau, at the western tip of France in the Atlantic Ocean, salt water flows through our veins. We are all experts and passionate in our fields: a great context that helps us imagine and build the boats of the future.


Frédéric Neuman

A talented naval architect. Of great help during the design periods.

Kévin Brin

The technical guy who can do anything: as well as designing a deck layout in front of the computer, than going in the workshop to define how to build it.

Ronan Coïc

Technical expertise in composites, our shipyard's master

Caroline Senaux

Precious advice in marketing. Get us out of our technical ground so that we can present the ePoh in a nice way

Olivier Dupont Delestraint

One of a kind, the maestro who created our graphic environment


To ensure more flexibility and superior quality,
we have chosen to work with companies close to us.
This also helps to reduce environmental impacts.



The ePoh is designed like a racing sailboat. Fluid dynamics based shape optimization, hull comparison to obtain the best compromise in light and strong winds. Special prototypes to check if our ideas work in real life conditions.


HIGH TECH construction
Our building processes are entirely based on infusion technology and high standard materials.
This guarantees better resistance, light weight and long lasting through time. This is how we ensure that your boat will stay modern and in good shape for a long time.


We can rely on many partners who help us build the right environment to give the best possible service.

Our technical partners

Our institutional partners

Our private partners